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A Change of Pace was a five piece rock band from Peoria, Arizona. They formed in 2001 when singer Torry Jasper and drummer Jonathan Kelly began playing together after meeting in a high school English class. In 2003, after a few years of jamming and playing small local shows, bassist Johnny Abdullah and guitarist Adam Rodgers joined the band. From there they put some self-produced recordings on where they were discovered by manager Jorge Hernandez. Within a few months they had a deal with Immortal Records and released their EP "Change is the Only Constant".

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A Farewell To Friendship tab *****
7 Votes
Death Do Us Part tab *****
2 Votes
Every Second tab ***
2 Votes
Goodbye For Now tab *****
3 Votes
Loose Lips Sink Ships tab *****
4 Votes
Loose Lips Sink Ships tab ****
3 Votes