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Aaroh (literally means ascending in classical music) is a Pakistani rock band founded by Farooq Ahmed and Nabeel Nihal. They surfaced into mainstream scene after winning the Battle of the Bands competition in 2002 sponsored by Pepsi. In 2004, Nabeel Nihal was replaced by Haider Hashimi as the band's lead guitarist. Aaroh's music is a fusion of western rock music and eastern style of vocals. As implied by the word "aaroh", which refers to the ascending scale in the eastern vocals such as "Sa Re Ga Ma",the band's music epitomizes the classical eastern music fused with rock.

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Aag Ki Tarah chords **
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Ajnabi tab ****
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Dunya tab
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Jalan chords ****
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Na Kaho chords
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Sawal tab *
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Yaara chords *****
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