Top 10 Bass Tabs

These are the 10 highest rated bass tabs on the internet.

#1 Hysteria bass tab by Muse *****
324 Votes
#2 Longview bass tab by Green Day *****
201 Votes
#3 Seven Nation Army bass tab by The White Stripes *****
187 Votes
#4 Killing In The Name bass tab by Rage Against The Machine *****
184 Votes
#5 Money bass tab by Pink Floyd *****
132 Votes
#6 Juicebox bass tab by The Strokes *****
124 Votes
#7 Iron Man bass tab by Black Sabbath *****
118 Votes
#8 Feel Good Inc. bass tab by Gorillaz *****
110 Votes
#9 Californication bass tab by Red Hot Chili Peppers *****
107 Votes
#10 Anesthesia - Pulling Teeth bass tab by Metallica *****
104 Votes

Tabs are scored on their quality and accuracy. These bass tabs have been ranked as the most trustworthy and accurate tabs on the internet. Tabs are ranked by their average score and the number of votes they have received.

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