Calabrese Tabs

Calabrese is a horror punk band from Phoenix, Arizona, heavily influenced by The Misfits, AFI, Rob Zombie, Danzig, Samhain, horror films and Halloween. Calabrese was formed 2003 in Phoenix. Calabrese is not only the band name but the last name of brothers Davey (Drums), Bobby (Guitar/Vocals) and Jimmy (Bass/Vocals). Calabrese combines Gothabilly looks, B-movie drive-in lyrics and a Death Rock sound.

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Backseat Of My Hearse tab *****
1 Votes
Crizila tab
0 Votes
Death Of Me tab *****
1 Votes
Midnight Spookshow tab ***
3 Votes
Midnight Spookshow tab
0 Votes
Zombie I tab *****
1 Votes