Top 10 Guitar Chord Songs

These are the 10 highest rated guitar chord songs on the internet.

#1 All The Chords chords by Misc *****
1976 Votes
#2 Hallelujah chords by Jeff Buckley *****
680 Votes
#3 The Scientist Acoustic chords by Coldplay *****
642 Votes
#4 You're Beautiful chords by James Blunt *****
520 Votes
#5 Wonderwall chords by Oasis ****
488 Votes
#6 American Pie chords by Don Mclean *****
383 Votes
#7 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Acoustic chords by Green Day ****
478 Votes
#8 Yellow Acoustic chords by Coldplay *****
377 Votes
#9 Karma Police chords by Radiohead *****
359 Votes
#10 Times Like These Acoustic chords by Foo Fighters *****
349 Votes

Tabs are scored on their quality and accuracy. These guitar chord songs have been ranked as the most trustworthy and accurate tabs on the internet. Tabs are ranked by their average score and the number of votes they have received.

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