Top 10 Guitar Tabs

These are the 10 highest rated guitar tabs on the internet.

#1 Master Of Puppets tab by Metallica *****
1577 Votes
#2 One tab by Metallica *****
1428 Votes
#3 Hey There Delilah tab by Plain White T's *****
1410 Votes
#4 Sweet Child O' Mine tab by Guns N' Roses *****
1387 Votes
#5 Fade To Black tab by Metallica *****
1273 Votes
#6 Wake Me Up When September Ends tab by Green Day *****
1216 Votes
#7 Good Riddance Time Of Your Life tab by Green Day *****
1059 Votes
#8 Enter Sandman tab by Metallica *****
1032 Votes
#9 Smells Like Teen Spirit tab by Nirvana *****
1007 Votes
#10 Wish You Were Here tab by Pink Floyd *****
876 Votes

Tabs are scored on their quality and accuracy. These guitar tabs have been ranked as the most trustworthy and accurate tabs on the internet. Tabs are ranked by their average score and the number of votes they have received.

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