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In 2003, Halifax was just another in a myriad of unsigned indie outfits rolling the highways of North America. Sharing van space, shitty hotel rooms, bodily aromas, Old Milwaukee and a collective dream in between crappy jobs in chain restaurants and landscaping, the group recorded and supported its initial EP, A Writer’s Reference. Within a year’s time, Halifax found itself among the rookie bands on the 2004 Warped Tour.

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Finished In A Day tab ****
1 Votes
I Hate Your Eyes tab ****
6 Votes
I Hate Your Eyes tab *****
2 Votes
Our Last Dance tab
0 Votes
Sydney tab *****
7 Votes
Sydney tab ***
5 Votes
Ten Fingers Isn't Quite Enough tab *****
3 Votes
The Next Two Weeks tab ****
1 Votes