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There are three bands currently sharing this name. The featured songs from the albums Running and Live @ Fnac are from the second one (portuguese Imago) 1) Imago (Philippines) is a pop rock band composed of Aia De Leon (vocals/guitars), Myrene "Maps" Academia (bass), Tim Cacho (guitars) and Zach Lucero (drums) and known for songs such as Akap, Anino, Ewan, Taralets and Sundo. Imago was formed in 1998.

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Akap tab ***
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Akap chords *****
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Akap bass tab ****
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Anino tab ***
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Anino chords *****
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Idlip chords **
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Spoliarium chords ****
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Taning tab **
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Taning chords ***
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