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O-Zone was a pop group made up of Dan B?lan, Radu Sârbu (aka Radu), and Arsenie Todera? (aka Arsenium). Originally from Moldova, the band launched in Romania. They mainly play eurodance music and are famous for the single Dragostea Din Tei, a notable summer hit which reached Number 1 in the singles charts of many countries during 2003 and 2004, and Number 3 in the United Kingdom. The follow-up single Despre Tine had similar success across Europe.

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Despre Tine tab *****
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Dragostea Din Tae chords ***
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Dragostea Din Tei tab ***
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Dragostea Din Tei chords *****
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Dragostea Din Tei Guitar Pro tab *****
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Oriunde Ai Fi Guitar Pro tab *****
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