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This page represents FOUR artists: 1) Rock group Paloalto is led by singer/songwriter/guitarist James Grundler, a Los Angeles native who named the band not after the northern California city, but rather his preschool from early childhood... 2) Palo Alto from Manchester, UK can be found here: Palo Alto 3) Paloalto (????) also is the name of a rap artist from South Korea. He released a solo album in June 2005 titled "Resoundin'". He also released another album, this time as a duo with another South Korean artist, The Quiett. The album "Supremacy", was released in July 2006.

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Bones chords
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Breathe In chords ****
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Fade Out-in chords *****
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Fade Out-in bass tab *****
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Hangman chords
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Last Way Out Of Here chords ****
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Sharpest Fag tab
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Sleeping Citizens chords
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Throwing Stones chords ****
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