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Jeffery Phillip Wiedlandt (Born January 14, 1967 in Bayonne, New Jersey), better known as Zakk Wylde, was the lead guitarist in Ozzy Osbourne's band and has also found success playing lead guitar in his own band, Black Label Society, who have been a part of the Ozzfest tour many times, having guitarist Nick Catanese on the rhythm section. Zakk has been voted "Most Valuable Player" for three successive years in the "Guitar World" (US) magazine polls.

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Between Heaven And Hell tab *****
13 Votes
Dead As Yesterday tab ***
10 Votes
Hate Your Guts tab *****
3 Votes
I Thank You My Child tab *****
8 Votes
Lovin Woman tab *****
2 Votes
Spoke In The Wheel tab *****
11 Votes
The Things You Do tab *****
6 Votes
Throwin' It All Away tab ****
6 Votes